How Does It Work?

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    Answer a few questions

    WillowBee effortlessly guides you to provide the key information for your Will
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    We build your Will

    Using the best legal practices, our software automatically builds your Will in just a few seconds
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    Print, Witness, Store

    Simply print your new Will and review it. Have a witness sign it (no need for a notary). Then store it in a safe place. That's it, you're done!

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Packages and Pricing

You don't have to decide now, our wizard will help guide you to the right option based on your answers.

Simple and Straightforward


Last Will and Testament
Custom crafted from wizard

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Specific Directives & Businesses

$ 29

Last Will and Testament, plus Business Will
Custom crafted from complex legal logic
Record clear decisions and manage business assets

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Lawyer Drafted with Consultation

$ 299

Couples and special cases: Divorce, joint custody etc.
Video consultation with a lawyer
Power of Attorney and Living Will

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Why You Can Trust Us

We have reimagined how great a legal experience should be. Delivering a simpler experience than a do it yourself Will kit, and the same peace of mind as working with a lawyer, often for free or a fraction of the cost.

Tested and Proven

Using data from thousands of completed Wills has allowed us to build a powerful generator for your needs.

Custom for you

Everyone's life is different, that is why WillowBee's easy-to-use experience is custom built to your requirements.

Built by Lawyers

The WillowBee generator has been built, reviewed, and approved by estate lawyers, making it more robust than working with any single lawyer.

Convenient and Fast

With the average Will completed in under 8 minutes on the web or smartphone, there is no reason not to create yours today.


Complete your Will in 8 minutes